On this page we post visual material and comments that are an essential part
of the ongoing process and the visual world of Hypatia.

Hypatia - state of mind: PART 1

Hypatia - state of mind: PART 2

Hypatia - state of mind: PART 3


  1. I make projection material, that is acting out the state of mind of Hypatia. The nature inspires me to create moods, reflecting life in a virtual sense. I am interested in using still images, digital photography as video, the captured moments of frozen time, in a surreal motion.

  2. Hypatia- Theon
    What kind of a relationship was there between daughter and father, two famous and ambitious scientists?
    There are only just a few facts about Hypatia, her person.
    I know that Hypatia rode, swam and made long hikes. She used the breathing exercises which were developed by her father.
    I can imagine how her father, Theon, coached his daughter: ‘ When you concentrate hard, remember to breathe Hypatia, remember to breathe.’
    What kind of exercises these were? Over 1500 years ago? In Aleksandria?
    The physical training of Hypatia is an interesting feature, combined with spiritual strength and researcher's work
    on my journey to the role of Hypatia.

  3. The storyboard is updated with the third part of Hypatia's state of mind... the material is inspired by the music of Jonathan Harvey and it also contains edited rehearsal material.


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